Welcome to the Epic swords and spells Wiki

This is the Wikipedia for the Dungeon & Dragons group Epic Swords and spells Inc.

This wiki contains player information, such as House Rules and a Journal.

It also contain Dungeon Master information with an inventory of what every one have, to make it easier for every one to create adventures.

Note: As this is for Swedish players, some material may be in Swedish.

Bogdan Thunderbeard is dead!

Check out the last player journal entry

Bogdan was slayed by Bortaka after they carlessly tied her down and left her unattended for several days. Sad part was that Or spend several hours painting his dwaven mini, then it got killed straight after.

Malcor Curtis was later introduced, played by Or, a royal douchebag that happens to be a paladin, check out his backstory at

It was a fun day of gaming, and some hirstarts where introduced.

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